Ep. 23 - Red-Blue 2020 : Joe Biden

Updated: Sep 3

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Hear from two fellow citizens on why Joe Biden is wrong and right for our country.

In our last episode, we peeled back the layers on President Trump. Today we’re giving Joe Biden the once over. As in the last episode, we’ll begin with our guest Mark on why he’s not the guy to move our country forward. Then we’ll give the floor to Mary to hear the reasons why Biden is the right person at the right time.

I hope you’ll listen to this and the Trump episode (if you haven’t) in full. There’s a lot there, and from people who are just like you… every day citizens trying to make it through a pandemic while providing for themselves and their families.

In our next episode, I’ll be picking things apart with a fact check on both episodes, so tune in for that…

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