Ep. 24 - Red-Blue 2020 : Fact Check

Updated: Sep 7

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Here are the facts on the things we heard from both voters…

Mary and Mark had a lot to say, respectively, about Joe Biden and President Trump. In this episode we dig into their comments on all the topics we covered and have presented a fact check on their information.

Whatever your political stripe, I hope that what both guests had to say and the information in this episode will help to inform your vote. And maybe, more importantly, I hope that it allowed you to hear a different perspective than that which we all tend to hear over and over in our own bubbles and social media silos of like-mindedness.

We cannot move our country ahead if we aren’t even willing to hear one another out, and yes, compromise to reach goals that will benefit all of us. Get out there and vote!

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Fact Check Media Sources

Ratings for the sources below, if available, were collected from Allsides.com for bias / adfontsmedia.com media bias chart analysis and reliability

  • Wall Street Journal News – Center / High

  • NPR – Center / High

  • AP – Center / Very High

  • Politico – Skews Left – Medium

  • Business Insider – Center / High

  • Reuters – Center / Very High

  • CNN – Skews Left / High

  • New York Times – Shews Left / High

  • USA Today – Center / High

  • Brookings Institution – Center / Very High

  • Forbes – Center – Medium

  • ABC News – Skews Left / High

  • The Atlantic – Skews Left / Medium

  • The Hill – Center / High

  • BBC News – Center / Medium

  • Fortune – Center / High

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