Ep. 22 - Red-Blue 2020 : President Trump

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Hear from two fellow citizens on why Trump is wrong and right for our country.

We hear it every four years… “this is the most consequential election in our lives/history.” My personal opinion is that the 2020 election might be just that. Our political discourse is more divisive than ever. When people hear beliefs or opinions about politics or social issues counter to their own, they cover their ears and start with the “la-la-la” that you do when your parents talk about their sex lives. Or things devolve into a shouting match/food fight if one side or the other doesn’t just flat-out hang up or walk away because they can’t handle it. And, for most of us, that other person is typically only a butter knife away. We need to start listening to one another, regardless.

In this and the next episode, I’m talking with two people - everyday citizens - about who they’re voting for and why. So my ask is that you listen, in full, to both this and the next episode (we’ll also do a third episode delivering a fact check), and push past how some comments may make you feel – don’t go to the “la-la-la” or hang up. Instead, hang in. Never has it been more important to begin to try and truly hear one another and, at the very least, gain an understanding of where we each are coming from. This week, we’re talking about President Trump. Next week, we’ll cover Vice-President Biden.

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