Ep. 14 - The Declaration of Independence... More Relevant Than Ever

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Considering our Declaration of Independence

As we celebrate Independence Day and look at the state of affairs in our country, we may struggle to see much of a reason to celebrate. Certainly, we don’t appear to have realized the self-evident truths that the Declaration of Independence refers to. Taking a read of it will help to bring us back to the reasons for the founding of our country. And in that light, the Declaration is more relevant than ever. As we read it, we can see more than one parallel to the events going on around us today. 

The best way to celebrate our country this year, in my opinion, is to read the Declaration and the Constitution and to reach out to family, friends, and neighbors who may have a different perspective and talk with them to understand one another… and then activate within your community by becoming an informed voter and stepping up to serve yourself or to seek out people to support who are willing to. 

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