Advertising on a Podcast is a Slam Dunk.

I can hear you thinking, “You don’t say…”

But it really is. And it’s not just me saying that. Here are the numbers…

The data below is from Infinite Dial 20, The Nielsen Company

  • Nearly 60% of the US population listens to podcasts (Infinite Dial 20)

  • 25% of Americans listen to a podcast weekly (Infinite Dial 20)

  • Most podcast listeners don’t skip ads because they are integrated into the episodes and read by the host

  • Almost 50% of podcast listeners have household incomes of $75k or more (and that goes for 35% of the rest!), 45% have household incomes of $250k

  • Listeners listen to an average of 7 shows a week, with 80% listening to all or most of each episode

  • 94% of listeners are more active on all social media channels, so they are more likely to follow companies on those channels

  • Nearly 70% of listeners agree that podcast ads made them more aware of products or services and 54% say they think about buying those products and services

  • Almost 75% of listeners tune in to learn something new

  • Brands that advertise have seen a 14% rise in purchase intent

Advertising Opportunities on You Don't Say...

The numbers don't lie. Promoting your business on a podcast is a game changer.


To advertise or with questions about advertising on You Don't Say... email me at and we can talk about the best fit for your business and budget.


You Don't Say... is carried on all major podcast platforms and most others, and has a reach from coast-to-coast. Visit the Where To Listen page to see a list. And when you sponsor via an In-Podcast Spot, we'll place a text link following the episode summary/description, which appears on the website and wherever the cast is syndicated to.


We also send out a monthly email blast highlighting recent episodes. The email is delivered to several hundred loyal subscribers with an open rate of approximately 40%. 

We can also help out with copy writing and design if you don't have any promo copy or banner ads, or if you don't currently work with an agency to produce that type of creative. Let us know and we can give you a quote for development of either.

Business Podcast Feature - $495

So, do you have an interesting story about your career, what lead you into the line of work you're in or what lead you to start the business? Does your business provide unique services or products? Let's talk about it! We can put together a 45 to 75 minute podcast focused on positioning you as an influencer and your business as one that people need to engage with. Drop me a line and let's discuss!

Email Blast Banners 

  • Top of email (two spots)

    • 1 mo. ​- $50

    • 3 mo. - $150

    • 6 mo. - $285

    • 12 mo. - $540

  • Bottom of email (two spots)

    • 1 mo. - $40​

    • 3 mo. - $120

    • 6 mo. - $220

    • 12 mo. - $440 


You Don't Say... sends out a monthly email blast highlighting recent episodes. The email is delivered to several hundred loyal subscribers with an open rate of approx. 40%. 

In-Podcast Spots

(pricing listed as pre-roll/mid-roll)

  • Up to 30 sec. Spot - $25 / $40

  • 31-60 sec. - $50 / $70

  • 61-90 sec. - $70 / $95

  • 91-120 sec. - $120 / $150

The rates above are for a single episode. Contact me at for multiple episode pricing. We can also help with the copy writing at an additional investment of $190 for up to a 90 second spot and $275 for up to a 120 second spot..


Your promo will also be linked and hashtagged in the podcast description on the website. An in podcast spot will be read by the host and will hold it's place for the life of the podcast episode. That's right. Once it's there, it's there for good.

Website Ads

Home Page Header Slider (4 slots)

  • First Position 

    • 1 month - $50​​​

    • 3 months - $150

    • 6 months - $285

    • 12 months - $540

  • Second through Fourth

    • 1 mo. - $40​

    • 3 mo. - $120

    • 6 mo. - $225

    • 12 mo. - $430

Podcast Page Header Tiles

  • 1 mo. $45

  • 3 mo. $135

  • 6 mo. - $255

  • 12 mo. - $490

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